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Inert gas asphyxiation is a form of asphyxiation which results from breathing a physiologically Nitrogen asphyxiation has been suggested by a number of lawmakers and other advocates as a more humane way to carry out capital punishment. Executing prisoners by nitrogen “hypoxia,” which deprives the body of oxygen, has never been tried by any state or nation in the history of the. High on the list for some is a method that has never been used before: inhaling nitrogen gas. Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi have.

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Colorless, odorless nitrogen gas will stream into the mask from a tank similar to those used to inflate helium balloons. The gas could come from. After an ongoing shortage of execution drugs that has left states scrambling, Oklahoma authorities have announced that it will use nitrogen gas. Earlier this week, Oklahoma announced that it will start using nitrogen gas for all its executions moving forward, making it the first US state to do.

This week, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill joining Oklahoma and Mississippi in allowing officials to execute prisoners using nitrogen gas. Death by Nitrogen. If lethal injection falls out of favor, death penalty states could turn to a new method: nitrogen gas. By Tom McNichol. May Nitrogen, which makes up about 78% of the air we breathe, is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas used in a broad commercial range that.

Citing a brain tumor removal, an inmate on death row is requesting the first possible execution by nitrogen-induced hypoxia instead of. With the declining ability to use lethal injection in executions, states are beginning to take serious consideration of using nitrogen gas in capital. Alabama Prisoners End Execution Lawsuit, State Will Drop Lethal Injection in Favor of Nitrogen Gas. Alabama will not execute eight death-row.

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The bill, passed by the Oklahoma House last week, would make “nitrogen hypoxia” a secondary method to lethal injection. Oklahoma State. The Alabama attorney general's office and lawyers for inmates submitted a joint motion Tuesday to dismiss the litigation. Lawyers said the. It works by directing the inmate to breathe inert gas as opposed to oxygen. Examples of such gases include helium, methane and nitrogen. By KIM CHANDLER MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Some say inhaling nitrogen gas would be like dying on a plane that depressurizes in flight, swiftly. After Alabama approved nitrogen hypoxia as an execution method last year, the biggest challenge seemed to be figuring out how to humanely. With nitrogen bill, Alabama must invent execution method .. Nitrogen asphyxiation has never been used in capital punishment before, and. Alabama is the third state to allow the execution of prisoners by nitrogen hypoxia as an alternative to the three-drug cocktail used in its lethal. Citation: Detotto C, Isler S, Wehrle M, Vyssotski AL, Bettschart-Wolfensberger R, Gent TC () Nitrogen gas produces less behavioural and. Oklahoma is set to become the first state to execute inmates using nitrogen gas, Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announced. (Reuters) - Oklahoma plans to start using nitrogen gas for executions, officials said on Wednesday, in what would be the first such method of.