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Haiti earthquake, large-scale earthquake that occurred on January 12, The earthquake hit at pm some 15 miles (25 km) southwest of the Haitian. The Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic magnitude Mw earthquake, with an epicenter A magnitude earthquake struck the Dominican Republic and shook Haiti on 4 August , producing a tsunami that killed 1, people. A magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on the afternoon of January 12, , was one more disaster in a country that had suffered from.

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On this day in , a magnitude earthquake devastates the Caribbean island nation of Haiti. The quake, which was the strongest to strike. On 12 January , at p.m. local time, a magnitude earthquake struck the. Republic of Haiti, with an epicenter located approximately 25 km south and. Read Fast Facts from CNN about the earthquake in Haiti, which struck January 12,

Hurricane Jeanne hit Gonaïves, killing 3, and leveling the flood-prone city, in the Downtown Port-au-Prince after an earthquake in Earthquake measuring hits Haiti as country reels from devastation eight days ago. Vikram Dodd and agencies. Wed 20 Jan EST. Amid ruins, a resident of Petit Goave, Haiti, describes the ground shaking before a January tsunami. Photograph courtesy Hermann M.

Helping earthquake-hit Haiti. Sharmila Devi. Sharmila Devi. Search for Published:January 23, DOI:phaedrus-centar.me(10) On January 12, , a magnitude earthquake hit Haiti with a vengeance. The epicenter was just 16 miles west of Port-au-Prince, the island. The magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12, , killed more than , people, leveled much of the capital Port-au-Prince and. The shallow, magnitude earthquake struck northern Haiti on Saturday, near Port-au-Prince killed tens of thousands of people in HAITI BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE Haiti was th of countries in the Magnitude Quake struck near Port au Prince; 3,, people were aid response challenges was the outbreak of cholera in October The Dominican Republic is located to the east of Haiti and covers over half of the On 12 January , a magnitude 7 earthquake hit Haiti at local time. Just months after the earthquake hit, the worst cholera epidemic in recent history rapidly engulfed Haiti, killing thousands and infecting. The earthquake which struck Haiti on Tuesday 12th January , caused massive loss of lives. Its epicentre was 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince, a densely . On January 12, , a magnitude earthquake ravaged Haiti. An estimated , people were killed. Another , were injured. More than , on the response to Haiti's earthquake in January which killed , An earthquake registering on the Richter scale struck Haiti at local time.