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masala makhana recipe | phool makhana masala | roasted lotus seed snack with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple healthy. I usually make roasted makhana with just a sprinkle of chat masala powder as she likes it that fine day I ran out of chat masala powder. Masala Makhana Recipe Video View a video of this recipe here. recipe - How to make Masala Makhana Recipe, Healthy Lotus Seed Snack.

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Recipe Description for Masala Makhana Recipe, Healthy Lotus Seed Snack. Preparation Time: 2 mins. Cooking Time: 8 mins. Makes 3 cups. Show me for cups. these roasted makhana or foxnuts make for a good in between lunch or herbs. what to do, we love our chaat masala and they way it perks up. If you want to read more about this, hop over to my Masala Chaas recipe I used it to make this delicious Makhana ki Kheer / foxnut pudding.

Masala Makhana, a low-calorie, high in fiber snack that can be in day to day cooking which includes recipes like roasted Masala Makhana. Roasted Makhana Recipe- Learn how to make Roasted Makhana step by step on Times Food. Season the seed pops with chaat masala. Masala Makhana is a simple snack dish. Made with puffed lotus seeds or makhana, dry fruits.

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Search result for masala makhana. 81 easy and delicious homemade recipes. See great recipes for Kaju Matar Makhana Masala too!. The powerhouse of protein, carbs and healthy fat, makhana, lotus seed You can eat them roasted or raw, you can also make easy and interesting pepper powder; Salt; Chaat Masala; Black pepper; Ghee or cooking oil. Masala Makhana, Roasted, Spiced Foxnuts, a healthier crunchier In India, it is used to make snacks, curries as well as in puddings which are. You can make a lot of dishes with phool makhana including curries, But as I mentioned in the masala pori recipe, you can use any spice mix. Here are 10 absolutely delicious Makhana recipes you can make using your day Makhana Aloo Tikki Recipe (Spiced Lotus Seed Patties Recipe) is a delicious . Punjabi Chana Masala Recipe-North Indian Chole Masala. Phool makhana is popped lotus seeds, used in various recipes like snack, kheer or even gravy. Spicy phool makhana is an easy snack that can. spicy masala makhana phool makhana recipe with a blend of spices bread masala recipe | masala bread | how to make bread masala with. Masala Makhana| Spiced Foxnut | South Indian Style Masala Makhana |How to make Masala Makhana at Home |Healthy Snack | Glutenfree. Roasted Makhana with Curry leaf flavour is a South Indian Twist to the low calorie snack Method to make the Curry Leaf Powder / Masala. Then look no further JOOS Food 's Makhana recipe will come to your rescue. 2 cups makhana; 2 tsp ghee; 1 tsp red chilli powder; 1 tsp garam masala powder.