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DIY Your Own Acrylic Side Table. by Sarah Rae Smith. For those of us who didn't take plastics class in High School, working. You can turn a boring side table into a modern eye-catcher in no time! Read our blog about making an acrylic table and follow the step by step instructions. Acrylic Furniture, Plexiglass, and Lucite - from Plexi-Craft. Cami Acrylic Coffee Table and Accent Trunks - Set of 3 Drawer Dividers, .. The Perfect DIY Store.

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Acrylic tabletops are clear and look like glass. The plus side is that it is much more durable than glass. You do not have to worry about acrylic breaking. How To Build a Coffee Table with Acrylic and Wood-DIY Video with all the details to make your own!. A wedding diy that is easy and simple to make, I promise! Check out the step by step tutorial on how to create your own beautiful plexiglass.

Plexiglass + Trunk = Coffee Table: Got an old trunk? Wanna make it a coffee table? Try using plexiglass. So the story here is I bought an old trunk in a yard sale. To make the 'mold' for the table, I bought sheets of acrylic cut to the size I wanted, so I could just clamp them together to form a pen for the resin. Finally. Plexiglass acrylic sheets can be used for furniture, cabinets, bed frames, picture Its lightweight, shatter-resistant properties make it a great choice for areas where Storm windows; Partitions; Picture frames; Protective table or antique covers.

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It is important to protect wooden furniture from stains and scratches, so here is a simple guide on how you can make your own table protector out of acrylic. First you'll have to acquire the log and then to cut a 5'' slice for the table top. Give it a nice smooth finish and apply three coats of acrylic for. This acrylic coffee table (available {HERE}) is one of my favorite pieces – I love it You can check out her detailed DIY acrylic side table tutorial {here} to make. Make your own modern wood + acrylic wedding table numbers with this easy DIY . Plexiglass, or Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), is a lightweight, durable alternative to glass. Plexiglass is used in modern-style furniture. Smartening up and protecting your tables and furniture with clear acrylic is easy to do: Acrylic can be cut to any size and shape so whether you. Coffee table with acrylic top - assembly (click to learn more) We needed a coffee table for the office's front room, and it was up to me to design and make one. Will Urbina's “The Desk” is an uber-case mod which puts the computer in a see- through, LED-lit Plexiglass table; perched above is “The Tower”, is a 5-drive hard . You could even use this technique for table numbers, seating cards, vow tablets and more! The best tutorial on making hand-lettered acrylic. Clear acrylic frames are lovely, but can be quite expensive. Here's a tutorial for a DIY acrylic frame that's easy to make and will save you money.