How do you say will you marry me in spanish

Translate Will you marry me. See 3 authoritative translations of Will you marry me in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. Hi, I want to propose to my Spanish girlfriend in Spanish but the translations coming up seem I'll bet she could care less how you say it as long as it gets said. How do you say I want to marry you | SpanishDict Answers.

te casarías conmigo

althought the literal traslation of will you marry me is ¿te casaras conmigo? in spain nobody says that, we say ¿Quieres . Anyway, Southamericans don't use usted more than other Spanish-speaking people would. So instead of the translation being “He proposed to her” you would be saying “He proposed marriage to her.” I proposed to her. Me le declaré. More Spanish words for will you marry me. quieres casarte conmigo · will you marry me · ¿quieres casarte conmigo · will you marry me. Find more words!.

To translate a phrase from one language to another we can not always use a literal translation. Asking 'will you marry me?' in Spanish is one of those cases in . You can say ¿Quieres casarte conmigo? Key-eres kas-ar-tey kon-meego? Will you marry me? or ¿Me harias el honour de ser mi esposo?. What is the best way to ask if I said something correctly in Spanish, as in the correct translation for did I say that right? Googling gives me a number of phrases.

Question about Spanish (Spain) | ¿Te quieres casar conmigo?|¿Te casarías conmigo?. Skip Navigation Links Home > Free Services > Sentence Translation > Interrogative sentences > Sentences with Will > Will. So he didn''t say Kerri will you marry me? - Will you marry me? or possibly Would you marry me? Ring in hand asking her to marry.

Spanish translation of lyrics for Marry Me by Jason Derulo. is the I swear that I will mean it I'll say, Will you marry me? I'll say, Will you. By clicking 'continue' or by continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Continue. Asked by: Kenny views danish, will you marry me My wife is from Denmark, so I learned how to ask will you marry me in Danish. Min kone er fra. You've bagged yourself a Spanish boyfriend or girlfriend and you're ready to love, we can help you navigate the choppy waters of romance in Spanish. Me caes bien, or 'I like you' is a friendly way to show your interest You're ready to take the plunge and propose marriage to your significant other. will-you-marry-me definition: Phrase 1. Used to propose marriage to someone. will you marry me translation in English-Spanish dictionary. See 3 authoritative translations of Will you marry me in Spanish with example sentences and audio You can say ¿Quieres casarte conmigo?. How to say Will you marry me in Spanish. Includes translation from English and pronunciation. Post here and the polyglots of Reddit will do their best to translate it for you. . here, kneeling, and I (must ask, ask, request), will you marry me? ​ cringey when they would say rehearsed English phrases they didn't fully. Find out various ways how to say I love you in Spanish along with other romantic phrases! *You would say “me caes bien” to a friend (that's taken for granted; of course we all like our friends, but still). However, you Will you marry me?.