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Illustration for article titled Doctor Who gets shockingly contemporary with its Zygon invasion. TV ReviewsAll of our TV reviews in one. Peter Capaldi brings Britain to a standstill with his best performance in Doctor Who to date. Our review of The Zygon Inversion. The Zygons return! Here's our spoiler-filled review of The Zygon Invasion.

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Warning: Full spoilers below. The Zygons returned in this week's episode of Doctor Who, “The Zygon Invasion.” Or rather, it turns out they never. The Doctor says all you need is love, but the Zygon insurgents aren't biting. Plus, what's in the Osgood box?. All of which is to point out that The Zygon Invasion has a long pedigree. Doctor Who has a rich and distinguished history when it comes to.

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 7: The Zygon Invasion See also: 'Doctor Who' Review: The Day That Changed Everything. Sorry, the video. But with 'The Zygon Invasion', Peter Harness does what all great science-fiction writers do, and uses the genre to hold up a microscope to the. We revisit the Zygon peace treaty, meet Clara's insurgent replica, and Osgood returns with the rest of the Unit team. Warning: contains bonus.

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After last episode's Zygon invasion, the Doctor brilliantly foils the insurgency with a bit of classic bluff and pure logic. And in the process, Peter. Doctor Who – The Zygon Invasion. Pic credit: BBC. TV Review Readers please note: THIS IS A POST-UK BROADCAST REVIEW – THERE. THE ZYGON INVASION/THE ZYGON INVERSION. Zygons, Zygons, Zygons. They hold a special place in our hearts, because despite all the techy developments. Series 9, episode 8: Art imitated life in this week's episode of Doctor Who Peter Capaldi and Ingrid Oliver in Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion. A summons from Osgood warning of a 'nightmare scenario' brings the Doctor back to Earth to discover that a rebel Zygon faction is determined. Doctor Who just grew up. With analogies to Islamic State, radicalisation and foreign policy strategy, tonight proved to be a serious discussion of. The Zygon Invasion is the seventh episode of the ninth series of the British science fiction In the aftermath of the previous Zygon attack on Earth and the Doctor's actions to ensure the . The Zygon Invasion received positive reviews. As the conclusion of the story started in “The Zygon Invasion,” “The Zygon Inversion” is a vast improvement over the preceding episode;. The return of fan-favorite aliens the Zygons would have been enough to get most viewers' hopes up, but when you throw in UNIT. Arrow S4E6 Review: Lost Souls. S1 E Doctor Who S9E9: Sleep No More. S1 E Doctor Who S9E7 review: The Zygon Invasion .