How to make a deer antler pen

In 12 steps learn how to make a deer antler pen. Deer antler is such a unique material. These pens make wonderful gifts for outdoorsy type. I have thoroughly enjoyed using deer antler for many of my pens. I don't actively sell my pens, but I do when people request them. And antler. A Guide for Turning Pens from Deer Antler. along for turning that perfect deer antler pen. The first thing to determine is what size pen do you have in mind?.

deer antler pens

resource that is naturally shed by deer, antelope, elk, and moose. so finding relatively straight pieces for pen making is challenging but not impossible. Fortunately pen blanks are short and each pound of bulk antler should provide enough. Basically the questions are: Any pointers on turinng and preping blanks for turning antlers (they are not very big) Do you think 7 mm pen line. We make pens from deer, elk, moose and caribou antler sheds. There is a great deal of variability from one antler section to the next from mottled with dark.

This handsome Gel Ink twist pen is handmade with quality deer antler. The antler is carefully finished with CA Finish and buffed to a high gloss making it the best. I'm fairly new to pen turning but I want to make some antler pens What I need to know is what is the best way to finish the antler after sanding it. Now here are some fun pens yes deer antler pens! First off, these are beautiful pens and they make great gifts for the hunters and sportsmen in your lives.

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These blanks make a very elegant pen or use slices glued into a wood blank for a very Beautiful Deer Antler (1lb) Pre Drilled Antler - Slimline Pen (2pcs). Hi All I got some Deer Antlers to make Pens from, and am wondering what do you use for a finish for these, or no finish? Thanks in advance for. Pewter Embossed Deer Antler Pen Set With Tactical Rifle Case-Rifle Case Pen Set-Deer Antler Custom Pen-Deer Antler-Custom Pen-Hunter Gift. I do keep the one-of-a-kind pens listed on my Etsy site. Check there Whitetail deer antler 30 caliber bullet pen, with engraved details and deer head scope clip. You'd be surprized what you can make from deer antler. Since it is The pen kits can be purchased from a company called Penn State Industries. From the. Antler makes a great material from which to make a pen. Mature antler is very dense and can Three deer antler bullet pens: Three deer antler pens. Antler is . I have a blank ready for turning my first deer antler pen. Ian I am not positive on this, but I do not believe most people but a finish on antler. offers the finest quality deer antler pens that you will find preserved shed antler to make a high quality antler pen like the ones shown above. This video shows how to make a deer antler bolt action pen that looks really cool. You'll be the envy of the office, when you bring in this DIY project. Learn to. Make a nice pen with the Bolt Action Kit Make nice pens for a deer hunter. Antler is a wonderful turning material, but figuring out how to hold the irregularly.