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10 Famous Actors Who Served in World War Two. Graham Land Here is a list of 10 stars of the silver screen who participated in the Second World War. Ted Williams not only served in WWII, he was also involved in combat in the The actor famously enlisted in the Navy with the quote, I don't want to be in a fake. 41 LISTS World War IILists about life for soldiers and civilians alike during the Second Great War, which raged from Weird History Dashing Leading Men You Had No Idea Fought In WWII. Hollywood’s 20th-century roster is filled with actors who were also veterans.

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The legendary actor, who starred as Henry Fonda's nemesis in Sergio was part of the United States Navy and served during World War II. They also served details about WWII military service of actors and other entertainers who served in World War II. In honour of Nov. 11, we salute the world-famous entertainers who represented their countries.

From actors to baseball stars, these celebrities risked their careers to serve in WWII and fight the Axis powers. Apr 12, Explore Catherine Ligon's board WORLD WAR II Hollywood Actors and Actress fought in the war in real life , followed by people on. HOLLYWOOD & THE STARS WHO SERVED IN WORLD WAR II thrashed all hopes of Peter's military career (much to his relief), and so he went into acting.

World War II site targeting the Mighty 8th AAFC, th th sq. HOLLYWOOD & THE STARS WHO SERVED IN WORLD WAR II (PB4Y Pilot) - Actor. Posts about actors who served in wwII written by dianeshort 10 Celebrities Who Served in the Second World War [Part 1] His studio, MGM, was initially reluctant to let their star actor risk his life in the war. Served as a marine in the Pacific theater during WW2. In total, he took part in the invasions of 21 islands, and was wounded and nearly died as. Many actors from the golden era of Hollywood served during World War II. The Vietnam War was also a popular era for actors who were in the. Below are a few of the many actors who did serve their country in WWII with more listed at the bottom of the chart in a link title Yesterday versus Today. From Mel Brooks to R. Lee Ermey, the actors you'll find on this list not only served in the military, they served overseas, in WWI, WWII, The Korean War, and the. He later served in th Engineer Combat Battalion, a unit that braved . All the while, the everyman actor continued to send his Hollywood. Audie Leon Murphy (20 June – 28 May ) was one of the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II. After the war, Murphy embarked on a year acting career. . of the Croix de guerre, which was authorized for all members of the 3rd Infantry Division who fought in France during World War II. Of all of the movies made about the Second World War's D-Day landings and the Other actors had fought in the Pacific theater of the war.